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a good day quilting

piecing basketThe last couple of days I’ve been piecing and quilting like a quilter.  Crazy I know. It’s been fun.
I’m loving my B 780 more than ever. In part because I had a total ditzy moment today while piecing the quilt top. I put the #46 C foot on to make some piping for this quilt: note to self use the fine cord.
I like this foot for both pin tucks and thin piping. Once I send the a photo of the quilt top to where it’s going I’ll post a complete photo here and let you know where/when I’m teaching.tiara silk 1

I picked up a spool of Superior Tiara – a 50 wt. variegated silk thread. Oh me oh my am I in love.
I’ve paired this with Radiance, and a cotton/wool batting by Hobbs. I love how this shows off the stitching. I will be getting more of this batting.

tiara nautilusI do love the variegation of the Tiara. Then I went to the Superior website: they have 50 wt. solid silk too. I see a  huge thread order in my very near future.

mountain laurelOur Mountain Laurel is getting ready to bloom. My sweetie was concerned that we would lose these and a few other bushes/plants with the cold this past winter. So far so good. We’ve lost the wild/tame battle with one of our roses, mind you it’s 40 years old give or take.

I thought we had it pretty well under control then it started leafing out and everything that’s coming up is wild.
Oh well. we can’t have it all plant wise.
Happy Quilting!



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