I meant to do this, but did that instead

and the results were very good.
But first your daily ear worm:

Showstopper Purple during the day

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This (Friday) day started with great intention: turn on the a/c in the sewing room and quilt. In order to achieve this great goal I needed to step down into the office for a bit to send a few emails. The business cards and Franklin Planner live on the desk. I do have picture proof somewhere on facebook, or instagram. Five hours, 10 emails, 4 phone calls, and some messaging with the editorial team, and no quilting at all. Getting into that groove was almost as good as quilting. There are times when that kind of work is really necessary, and fulfilling.

By the time all of this was completed it was time to make dinner. You may, or may not know, that preparing meals is not my forte. I manage. Just after I put the shrimp on the grill, the gas ran out. Timing is everything in cooking, and the timing here, was perfect. Tank changed, food made.

Saturday the big plan is: mark a quilt top, the one that is currently taped to the wall of  the sewing room. I needed a big, flat surface, hey look! there’s the wall, oh looky there! the tape is handy. Voila! Radiance in black taped to the wall.

A beginning.

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I’m going to use the SewLine marking pencil to see how it works with my hot little hands. And I mean that, literally. One of the reasons that I quilt the way I do is because all the dang markings disappear beneath the heat of my hands. It’s really annoying that this happens but I’ve learned to adapt, by not marking quilt tops. So, off I go to experiment.

Happy Quilting,



Stash building

daiwabo fabricsI’ve deliberately destashed over the last few years letting go of fabrics that were once intended for tote bags. While these fabrics meant something for the tote bags they were not fabrics I’d use in quilts. It was work to be sure and worth the effort. What remains is fabrics I will use in quilts. Solids, hand dyes, Radiance, Batiks and a heavy dose of thread.

hand painted fabricsThis weekend I went on kind of a fabric buying binge and I couldn’t be happier. It all started with a visit to Jane Davila’s booth and these 11 fat quarters of hand painted fabric. Sigh. Oh just sigh. Next I went to Follow That Thread to see Donna Morales-Oemig’s booth. Donna lives in eastern Massachusetts, where they got a little bit, like over 100 inches, in an 8 week period. Bonus! Donna did some snow dyeing.

snow dyed radiance donnaSo, I’m at the booth, looking and staring at these pieces of snow dyed radiance in this glorious orange and shades of pink. I nearly had to get the bib out of the purse because these things are so freaking beautiful. I bought one, I bought the second one. There was one more I had my eye on. Hmm…at this point I’m not coming back to the show. Do I? Don’t I? Um, no…maybe some other time. I come home a happy camper.

Last minute decision Sunday morning. I’m heading back to the quilt show. I’d started playing with fabric for another project and am kind of excited to see where this will go. I’m using Paula Nadelstern’s Fabracadabra line, the idea for the quilt came from her lecture. I have a feeling I’ll need more yardage from this line. Oh darn. Fabric Shopping!!!

And then, oh then. I’m in Pinwheels booth. I love the hand of Daiwabo fabrics. Oh my. So you see that fat quarter tower in the upper left of this post? Yeah. That. Well, I went back to Donna’s booth to talk with her and introduce her to a friend of mine. And there was that piece of snow dyed Radiance next to two pieces of Kona cotton that were snow dyed at the very same time. Yes I bought it. Then a funny thing happened. I met Diana Louie and a friend of hers. Who loved the fabric. I showed her the other two pieces. Yeah, they’re gorgeous but, that Radiance. oh my. So I did the only thing a quilter could do. I let her take it home and I bought one of the pieces of Kona. I do need quilt backing for the Radiance after all.

So a little fabric, and a little thread. In a few days I’ll post pics of a few of the quilts.

Happy Quilting!


Whole Cloth Challenge



whole cloth starting metallicYesterday I finished the quilting on Moon Set, the name of my nearly completed whole cloth challenge quilt. Binding or facing will be completed, probably on the plane to Chicago later this week. The determining factor for binding or facing will be when I trim it down, the quilt will let me know what it wants. I’m leaning toward facing. Susan Brubaker Knapp has a method I’d like to try so we’ll see what my time over the next couple of days brings.  As the day progressed I posted photos on Instagram – @terilucas.

It’s been a while since I stitched with metallic thread, I wanted to see how it would play on my B 780. I did not have to drop my tension down to zero as I did on my 1080. In the star I have a couple of raised stitches however the needle needed to be changed and I was doing some serious stitch over.

working with Lisas rulers Lisa Calle has a line of rulers that I’ve been wanting to play with for weeks to see if they can be used on a domestic sewing machine. And with some work yes they can. I took a moment to read the directions Lisa includes with the ruler sets. Shocking I know! She does give good, clear and pithy directions. When I commented on fb that there is a learning curve with the rulers Lisa’s response that longarm quilters have a learning curve as well. Reality: with any new tool or skill there is a learning curve.
I will blog more about this sometime soon – like within the next few weeks. You may remember I tried Angela Huffman’s ruler (read the interview here and about the ruler here) and like it so I had a good idea of how to handle the rulers before sitting down to stitch.

curviliciousI used the ruler along the entire top of the quilt having some decent success once I switched to an appropriate size for the space being stitched. I started out with a 3” ruler and sized up to a 5” ruler and it made a huge difference. We all know that using the right tool for the job makes a huge difference.

For the ruler work I used black Kimono Silk thread because I wanted the quilting to be there but not be a major focus and I wanted to be able to backtrack without thread build up. On this grape Radiance the fine thread does recede to the background of the quilt.

And the completed quilt:


Moon Set
Moon Set


Some quilt notes: Lisa H
Batting: two layers Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting
Thread: Superior Kimono Silk, King Tut and Magnifico; Weeks Dye Works 40 wt and 12 wt hand dye
Needles: top stitch 70/10 and 90/14
Hours: 40 ish

I am thrilled to have completed this quilt and will be happy to deliver it later this week. One final major job complete as I head full tilt into the book project.

Happy Quilting!


Whole Cloth Update

whole cloth challenge circle completeThere is nothing quite so comforting as listening to the sewing machine as I quilt. It’s a beautiful sound.

As I look at this update and think about the comments on facebook and think about another project I’m working on (I think a lot!). So the question I get a lot is, “what comes next?” or “do you plan your quilting?”

CAM01719Photo aside: This is the same quilt taken in different light.

I probably do know what comes next and I probably plan however there is nothing on paper. How’s that for an answer? Priceless eh?!
I am sharing process on here with this quilt as it’s part of the Whole Cloth Challenge with Lisa Calle. Thinking that Chocolate Swirl was it – I worked on that for a while (and will finish that eventually) Nope. That wasn’t it. Then I started quilting the dupioni silk. Nope that’s not it. This grape Radiance that Olde City Quilts sent me with an order I placed a while ago kept whispering to me. It’s the same color I used for Moon Over Manhattan. You know, Little Miss Sassy Pants. I got to thinking about Olde City Quilts. How Judy lived in Montana (if I remember correctly). My image of Montana is big sky, mountains and wide open spaces. And the Big Sky reminds me of the moon. And I love the moon. The moon reflects the light of the sun, Radiance reflects light. Hmm I see a correlation here. The more I thought and stared at this fabric the more the idea settled that I wanted to do a play on Moon.

From Moon Over Manhattan I have the fabric, moon shape and the lone star (it is intentionally wonky)
From Montana I have the mountains and big, open sky.
From my thread drawer I have the silk thread and color
From my imagination I have the quilting.

So when someone asked what comes next? My answer, “Lime green” may have seemed a little odd. In my mind it made perfect sense. It’s one of my favorite colors and it will pop against the grape. I finished with the lime green last night and moved onto black. I am so thrilled that Superior makes silk in a variety of colors. I won’t know what the finished quilt will look like until the quilting is finished.


Ellen McBurney, one of my readers and a member of The Quilt Show, is auctioning this quilt titled: Libby and Ricky Converging to raise money for Libby Lehmans ongoing medical expenses.
Here is a link to the ebay auction.

The quilt is lovely.


Top Ten for Monday

radiance options fixHey there! It’s Monday. I’m going to my sewing room shortly (after my sweetie makes a delicious french bread, french toast breakfast).

I thought I’d do another top ten and today it’ll be fabric!

Fossil Ferns – I will always love Fossil Ferns by Patricia Campbell with Benartex this was the second mottled/textured line I fell in love with.

Marbles by Patrick Lose – another mottled line that has been with a couple of companies.

Kona Solids – I love the let me count the ways!!!

American Made Brand Solids – LOVE LOVE LOVE

Any of Paula Nadelsterns kaleidoscope fabric lines including Palindromes these are great from a teaching you to learn to free motion quilt

curved feather on black silkJinny Beyer fabric lines! again from a teaching quilting stand point these are fabulous and the variety of quilt blocks that comes from these prints is amazing

Stonehenge by Northcott – How I love thee let me count the ways. Every time I see the great variety of color and that stony texture I am happy! Cue music!

Toscana by Northcott another softly textured solid. Did I mention it’s softly textured? Oh my

Suede by P & B, oh me oh my.

I guess I have this thing for softly textured solid type fabrics.  I can’t leave out

Radiance by Robert Kaufman. Immediate Drool Response. I love the shiny and supple texture of this cotton silk blend. Then there’s the matte side with a depth of color that makes my heart go pitter pat!

Happy Monday y’all!


Don’t forget I’m teaching at the City Quilter Saturday September 13th – Let  Your Foot Loose be Fancy & Free.  It’s one of my favorite classes to teach. Oh heck they’re all my favorite classes to teach. Students are fun and amazing.

10 things I love about quilting

IMG_20140713_205900the people

they are way cool

and this person Gayle Schliemann always makes me smile

She has a cool bit on We All Sew this week

radiance and aurifil


I just love Radiance. I love the blend of cotton and silk working together to bring best of each to the quilting party.


Notions – notions make everything better

sewing machines – yes my B 780 and BERNINA 1080’s rock it!

patterns – they are the stuff of life – whether it’s a tutorial, commercial pattern or whatever resides in your head

the variety – this just makes me happy seeing all of the variety out there

GenerationQ Logo



magazines for any and every quilter – there’s something that fits ever quilter

and yes this is a shameless plug for the one I work on but I love it

I’ve found home

quilt guilds – these are places of people, and I love quilterly people and all they bring to the quilt party


quilt shops – what would we do without them, they are sources of information, community, fabric, patterns and quilt shop employees who are willing to share their knowledge

quilt shows – sources of inspiration and great variety. And there are vendors and classes and batting and . . .


Here’s my top 10 for today!


Happy Quilting,



Whole Cloth Challenge update

radiance options fixThis morning I read Terry Grant’s post One of my greatest achievements is not being perfect with great interest. I nodded in agreement as she talked of choosing just the right color of paint for a room based on a swatch of fabric, finally settling for “close enough”. Rather than stressing out over the color not being perfect she trusted that close enough would work, the last paragraph giving the best reason why: it is a great description of a well lived-in home.
As I read the final ideas for the whole cloth quilts that I’ll be working after next week the first I will take one of my choices probably the copper and trace some lines on it with a marking pencil and just go for it and trust my gut and be happy.


The second is inspired by Terry’s post, perfection with a big x through it.

Thanks so much for the idea Terry!

Happy Quilting,