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Workin’ it, workin’ it

could you be any cuter
I did one of those fb quiz type things and this was the answer…how fun!

Hand dye by Laurie TignerThe last few weeks have been creatively busy with behind the scenes stuff that is really amazing, some for me, some for Generation Q Magazine and some for BERNINA University.
It’s really a lot of fun.
In the next 5 days:
Two days at the shop where I work
There are quilts that will mug it for the camera.
Words that will be written.
Kits prepared.
handouts printed
little sleep – that’s what plane rides are for
and great joy at getting to do the quilterly things I love.
Last night I opened a package to find this gorgeous hand dyed piece by Laurie Tigner. There are several faces in it. Oh did we have fun finding them. this one looks like  a dancer!

Tomorrow I’ll show you where I accidentally found a magnet on my BERNINA 780.

Happy quilting!


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