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Whole cloth challenge and choosing fabric

radiance options fixSeriously I just wanted to post this picture again it just makes me happy. I realized too there is a color missing here. I have 3 yards of sky (baby) blue too. I don’t know how I missed that.
The other day when I posted this I was choosing between the copper and the purple, leaning toward the copper. Decision made, I’m going with the copper and the purple and  I’m going to use that sky blue on the back. Squeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m so excited. I have two plane rides in the next week so I’ll have some serious design time. Woot! Woot!
Thinking about choosing fabric and a couple of recent experiences reminded me of this post.
Psst, lean in closely I need to tell you something
are you leaning in because I’m going to whisper

I’m choosing the fabric I love, the colors I love because these make me happy.
while this project has 3 end goals:
1) it has a home already so it has to be very done well (its going to BERNINA #berninausa)
2) it will become a pattern and
3) I’ll figure that part along the way (learning is a good thing)

uhw wrought iron fence and gateI’m doing these (I’m making 2 – so I can figure out the things I need to for the pattern) because they make me happy! I’ll be showing one along the way to show you my process and how I think.
So thinking back to the post on helping quilters choose fabric – it’s your quilt, your rules choose what makes you happy! The other day I was working on a hand out for Go Mini or Go Home – giving quilters some clue what to choose for their quilt tops and wrote, “choose your favorite fabrics, your quilt needs to look like you!” Quilters we’re all unique individuals and different things give us great joy. I love stained glass and wrought iron. This picture is inspiring me. Oh the ideas are flowing for this whole cloth.

Have a happy and quilterly Friday!


PS – check out Lisa Calles blog. She made me laugh.

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  1. So you are doing 2 pieces (one purple and one copper) each with sky blue backing and one of these will be shared “in process”……..correct???? Ambitious………………….

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