A Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas post

barnummy-cats-a-poserI gotta tell ya. We loved these little dudes, Barnum and Bailey. I miss coming home from work, traveling and having Barnum chat me up or Bailey lay on his back waiting for his belly to be rubbed. Aww yes our little furry friends we love them and make little sacrifices for them. We chose for years, because these kittens loved to climb up trees,. It was really funny that first year remembering their hike up the tree with those shameful, elizabethan collars clearly indicating a change of their status.
This was the last year we had a tree. Oh yes, it had to go. Sigh. The thought of getting pine pitch out of cat fur, broken Christmas decorations out of the carpet and cats sucking on lights yeah, no. We loved putting up the tree, making our own memories with the Christmas music playing in the background, wassail in our mugs. Okay my mug, not his. But it makes the whole house smell great!

In a few weeks, we’ll put up a tree. I’m looking forward to it.I’m looking forward to wassail simmering on the stove, Christmas music and finding just the perfect tree.
I miss those furry faces though. Barnum and Bailey. The Circus.

We’ll have a Merry Christmas!


PS – I declared Sunday Ask Teri a Machine Quilting Question. I have 2 great ones. If you have any machine quilting questions please post them here and I’ll answer them in a blog post soon.

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  1. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas…the whole thing. I celebrate it all the way from Thanksgiving through 6 January. I had a fur baby for 18 years…she was a Schipperke dog, and a real love. She passed about four years ago, and I still miss her. I do have a question on quilting for you. Since I know you are a Bernina girl also, how do you set your tension for using metallic threads when you are free motion quilting?

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