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Black and White challenge

???????????????????????????????Good morning!
Happy Thanksgiving!
There is a lovely black and white challenge all over facebook. I like photos for a lot of reasons. My dad was an Air Force photographer, his love of photography carried through the rest of his life.
I’ve picked up a touch of his love for photography. One of my sisters has his touch with photos, particularly with food shots. I love that I can take images with my phone or point and shoot, lovin’ those 12 megapixels!

black and white challenge quantum styleOne reason I love taking photos is that it informs my quilting. I love taking photos of wrought iron…that becomes clearly evident in quilting motifs. Swirl! Swirl!
The other reason is I can get a sense of the balance of color by changing the setting to black & white. It’s so fascinating to see what happens. This lets me know, too, if I need to change anything, use a different color of thread. ???????????????????????????????I love it, there is so much great information in the photos.
Say I wanted to take a photo like this and make it into a quilt. The lights, mediums and dark color is clearly evident.???????????????????????????????

I can also get a really good sense of focal points and potential problems with a quilt might be so that I can correcting. It’s really fun to see where the balance is and think through how to correct it.

Another thing this lets me do is see how, get a sense of how thread will play. So say on the “tangle” I can change the weight of the thread to make the swirly bits be more present and knock back the darker areas with a finer thread or let me know what weight of thread to choose to give that area as much importance as it needs.

Tomorrow will be a fab day. A bit of quilting, a bit of cooking and a bit of reading & writing.

And a wee bit of thankfulness right now: Thank YOU for reading my blog. I’m grateful that you stop by.

Happy Quilting!



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