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My stash

Melissa Thompson Maher, Editor-in-Chief of Generation Q Magazine asked me: “How will your new stash differ from the one you gave user in kits? What draws you now?”
So what went into user kits? Part of this was answered yesterday. A lot of “traditional” type prints these were purchased when I made tote bags; border type prints these for practice and for totes and prints with high contrast, striking shapes – again for practice. Quite a few batiks went into the kits – be shocked, be very shocked. The batiks had either texture that no longer spoke to me or were tone on tone in a high contrasting way that I’m not certain I liked originally but perhaps bought it for a backing??? I don’t remember.
Just note something very important here I have no regrets about the fabric I purchased. At the time it spoke to my heart or made sense for what I was doing. Over time, and this will probably happen again, my tastes change. It happens to all of us. And I like it a lot!
radiance options fixWhat will my stash look like going forward? Well there will be more Radiance. I love this fabric, the texture, the shine the way it shows off stitching.hand dyed fabric 002

Hand dyes are some of my favorites lately. These are just lovely and are rather individual and unique. They dyers out there are just amazing in their uniqueness. cherrywood 12 step color run fun

The depth of color in the Cherrywood just makes me giddy. And I’ve begun building a stash of Clothworks American Made Brand Solids. I like the hand and feel of this fabric.

If you’re sensing a theme here, you’d be right…solids or solid type fabrics that will show off the stitching, ’cause I’m all about the stitching. Where else will I be investing my quilting dollar? In thread. I’ve been building my thread stash over time and am actively working on expanding that. I love thread. I love adding texture and color to create something different and unique.

Happy Quilting!


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