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Letting Go in such a good way

L shaped area for cutting and sewingA few years ago I slowly started the process of letting go of fabric that no longer fit the style of quilting that I am currently working on. It was hard in some ways to make those decisions however once I started it got easier. I found that I was less and less attached to the fabric. Part of this is recognizing that I’m not a scrap quilter. Part of this is recognizing that “traditional” prints do not really speak to this quilters heart.
Some of the fabric made sense when I thought that being a wicked cool tote designer was on the horizon. Yeah, no. Making the bags is very labor intensive and I couldn’t charge enough to really make money on the totes for the amount of time spent stitching. I’ve had it in mind for a couple of years to write patterns. Mmm I’ll let you know if that ever happens.

What have I done with it? A good chunk has been cut up for student kits, given away to students for practice or whatever they’d like some has gone on to a few friends who make quilts for others/charity. So good homes for sure. The gift of this is I get to slowly steadily rebuild the stash with fabrics that speak to who I am as a quilter now.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “Letting Go in such a good way”

  1. I think that’s why I don’t buy material just to put it away; I’m afraid it won’t be the right quantity or it won’t match with other materials or that it will just sit there for years until it’s out of style. Kudos to you for finding a way to use it up!

  2. I did a big purge last week of the fabrics that no longer spoke to the quilter I have become…..it feels so good to look at my stash now, I am renewed in excitement to create using it, but I have vowed not to start any new things until I complete some other things already in progress…….happy re-stashing!

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