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Road to California Day 1

tilde-competition-overall-3.jpegSo tonight (as I’m writing this) I got so excited that I dropped my backpack and purse right where I stood and hugged him! OMG I am that excited. I have wanted to meet Keith Dommer for a very long time. And I did. Keith, his mom and sister will all be together in class on Friday.


Here is my classroom. In a day or so I’ll post a few more pictures with the quilts hanging and the thread and kits and whatnot. We’re stitching on B 750’s with and without the BERNINA Stitch regulator. These quilters moved right along. It was lovely to watch. Some of the quilters are taking Let Your Foot Loose be Fancy Free I can hardly wait to get them stitching and growing and showing them how to use the carpet shown here in the photo as inspiration for quilting.

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Road to California Day 1”

  1. Tell Keith “Hi” from me! We haven’t corresponded for a few years! Tell him “Pearl” from Illinois sends her love!

  2. Such a nice guy! Met he and his mom and sister in Tucson or Phoenix. Went to his talk. Saw quilt you did…sent you picture. His quilts are wonderful!

    Xxoo Miracles happen Carol


  3. It’s so funny you mentioned the carpet! Last night when I visited your classroom, I saw it, and immediately thought “great background quilting”!
    I’m totally jealous of your students!

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