The bias was workin’

One of my students brought this in to class yesterday. I got to stitch with it for a few moment, I like it.

Last night I demonstrated bias binding at the Road to California Roundabout. This is a time for teachers to share something special. I can not thank Gina Perkes enough for loaning me her B 780! Having a machine that I use ready to go just helped so very much. Here are the links part one and part two. With some more experience in quilt making I do take a slightly different approach to binding, using cross grain binding. It’s good and I’m so grateful that Paula Reid shared that with me a few years ago. It takes less time. I do like sharing how to make bias binding as it’s one of those quilterly herculean feats that once we get it we get it. I think the most fun of last night was the look on a couple of quilters faces when they got it!

I’m also sharing the link for burying thread. After working on Ruler Work with a Domestic with Lisa Calle I am thinking I’ll do a video tutorial at some point on the process at the beginning and the end.

The over night here was wild. I believe the Santa Ana winds kicked up. Holy howling batman! It sounded like hurricane Sandy out there.

I am off to teach the Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting Class.

First coffee then teaching!

Happy Quilting,


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