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Giving consideration to organization

Several years ago I purchased this storage unit from Ikea. I love it. It’s still my favorite piece of furniture in the sewing room. When I’m workin’ it, it works well. After doing the major fabric purge it’s not as empty as I’d like however there’s still some more work to do.

This morning the idea presented itself to make one row all about my classes, one box for each one. It’ll hold handouts and samples. Each shelf will be labeled making everything easier to put my hands on.
Part of the plan over the next year is to freshen up class samples. Including making a new quilt for my beginner free motion machine quilting class. I have an idea for two simple pieced quilt top using batiks and regular cottons.
Almost every teacher I know gets home from classes and tweaks the handouts for classes. One will get an overhaul, one will get tweaked and the other will remain as it is. This part will have to wait a bit as I work on the book. The components are coming together and I’m excited to “see” this part come together. Last night on the plane I looked at chapter titles and wrote a little bit more. It’s challenging on the plane when every seat is filled and there’s no elbow room.
Speaking of getting home. . . I have to give a shout out to Southwest Airlines Customer Relations. Helping me make a change in airport based on where I was rather than where the original change was made. I’m particularly grateful since 1) I was exhausted and 2) since I didn’t know the area well at all.

And I can not Thank Jake Finch enough for making shuttle arrangements for me at 6 in the morning right after my flight home got cancelled. And to Vicki Tymczyszyn for driving me to the airport in Burbank. Having family in the area just made the whole event easier. I am so grateful!

Happy Quilting!



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