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Finding Inspiration on an Icky Day

The photo is from my instagram account while shoveling the snow yesterday.
Yesterday was a snow day as my boss made the decision that the roads were too bad to travel. I spent the day writing for my book and shoveling on and off. The muscles in my upper body let me know, with no uncertainty that they did not like this exercise in futility. My sweetie and my sister appreciated my effort making the whole thing worth it. Spending the day writing and catching up with a few people in a very meaningful way.
In chatting with one quilter about something she’s doing in her business I got silly excited by the color and because she’s so excited about where this is going.
In chatting with the next quilter I got some good feedback on a descriptive analogy I wrote. She reminded me to add something, making it all the better.
The third quilter, for the umpteenth time gave me a word to hold on to. It’s fascinating that in a myriad of words that this one stands out. It does and I added it to my list of ideas for the front cover. And it’s something to give consideration to as I write, including the idea/concept in the body of the work. The word resonates that much.
The fourth quilter started sending text messages with pictures, emailing and reminders of something so important. Something I don’t always see because of the limited interaction I have with my students. The timing on this conversation could not have been better.

Next Monday I’m participating in a blog hop for a book by Julie Booth. I love doing book reviews.

Happy Quilting!


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