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GenQ February Sew-In for Days for Girls

As I reread this post to edit and clarify what I wanted to say I remembered this youtube video. It makes me laugh and it makes a point. Sometimes there is TMI, however in this case helping young women be comfortable discussing their menstrual cycle, making sure there’s good information available and that this is a normal part of who we are as women is a good thing. I am well aware that there young women here in the states who struggle with their menstrual cycle, some from a lack of knowledge and understanding, there is good information to be found. Particularly if a young woman has a good relationship with her mom, dad or another caring individual in her life.

Show us your undies frontLast summer when I read the Gen Q article on Days for Girls my heart caught in my throat and spilled down my face. What I had a difficult time wrapping my head around is not having any information and not having any feminine hygiene products. And yet, there are young women, girls, who do not have good information about what’s happening to their body and who do not have access to feminine hygiene products. Having to use grass, straw or whatever is handy or just be in a room by herself with no one there to help her. The girls often have to miss school for the duration of their cycle, they end up so far behind. I missed school only for a day, maybe 2, I never fell behind. Well, at least not for that reason.
show us your undies backThe link above is to the Gen Q post with the original article, a note from Jake and Melissa and some great information. There are several sew-ins scheduled in various parts of the country including at the BERNINA Creative Center in Chicago (see the post for details). This is a great time and way to use up those good quality cottons in our stash that no longer speak to us and share them with a young woman in a meaningful way.
The Days for Girls website has information on how to get involved and their specific needs. As a girl, as a woman you get this I know.

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