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A moment of inspiration and a cat

WIMG_0216ell I’m going with the cat first. This is Frank. One of Jake’s cats. She has five that will let a perfect stranger pet their bellies. Frank and I have a very special bond. The first evening at Jake’s Frank decided that I looked very comfy indeed and sat himself on my chest between my face and my computer, like so:Frank and me

Frank stayed there for a good long while. Snuggled up and purring. I miss Frank. And from what Jake says Frank misses me too. Awww.


My love for nautilus shells continues. I like the depth captured here in this shell. It’s inspiring enough that well it has a special place in the BIG PROJECT.
Yesterday I had another quilt idea for the BIG PROJECT from a conversation with AEF the other day, it’ll work. As I’m thinking about it too I can see one more project coming together. My brain is creeping into overdrive with ideas. Almost everything is in place for me to start stitching.

Happy Quilting!


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