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It was the best of times…it was the worst of times

was what I said to my sister and sister-in-love tonight. We supped at Tazzina in Forest Hills, Queens a place convenient to these two delightful characters. Personally my evening started with a call to the NY City 311 number to report a malfunctioning muni-meter. Parking right in front of the place I thought, “hey this is going to be a quick dash in” so didn’t bother putting on my jacket. Read: Cold Hands!

cranberry almond muffin
not short ribs or roasted bone marrow, but a food post needs a food picture

In reviewing the menu prior to arriving the Roasted Bone Marrow caught my attention and made it to the I have to have this right now part of my brain. The flavor, and buttery texture just had me drooling at the prospect. Taste buds set. Imagine my dismay when a menu change occurred and the Roasted Bone Marrow has moved to the specials list. I mean I understand the reasoning with my brain, however my taste buds, ah not so much. Sigh. Disappointment. sigh. We “settled” for the salumi and cheese board, a delight, sheer delight with almond honey, olives, and house-made caponata. Cheese and honey is a delight not to be missed, creating a sublime taste sensation. Add a bit of salty ham and think Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally. That. Good.

At this point I’m still jonesing for that roasted bone marrow, when the waiter sets a beautiful braised short rib with a pecorino laced polenta, caramelized onions, and roasted Brussels sprouts. This writer paused to revel in the beauty of this dish. All I can say is, this is a dish I would have again, and again, and again. This dish almost made up for the shocking lack of Roasted Bone Marrow. I am now beginning to understand, umami, the flavor word of the era, on all the best cooking shows. Rich, and flavorful, falling apart and sublime.

A shared dessert of a gelato trio including hazelnut, strawberry, and vanilla. My sister mentioned that her little one is loving vanilla right now and this gelato lent itself well to this kids current flavor preference. The vanilla served as something of a palate cleanser in between spoons-full of hazelnut and strawberry.

I’m still wanting that roasted bone marrow, but the rest of the food, the waiters, and more importantly the company made the whole experience something to be repeated over, and over again. I’m wondering though…do you think they have a priority call list to alert interested diners when the roasted marrow is available?

Happy Eating,


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