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still waters run deep and

???????????????????????????????I’ll finally get my laptop back tomorrow.

I’m attached to my laptop. I love having a laptop. I love having photos and pdf’s and patterns and my book. Yes, my book is on that laptop that I get back tomorrow.

Such a long time ago it seems that my laptop started acting up. Oh! It kinda was. The first hint was on March 31st. Picture it: it’s rainy, it’s cold. I’m sitting in Starbucks on the wifi enjoying facebook and winding down from my last day at the old job. I’m wasting time before meeting friends for dinner. And then it’s gone. I figure at that moment it’s the wifi. No big deal.

Over the next two weeks it’s in, it’s out. And for all intents and purposes my laptop becomes a desk top, tethered to the internet via one of those olde fashioned cables. Bang. Head. Here! Oh my. My local tech (aka sweetie) called the appropriate people to problem solve. His conclusion about 3 days before the problem solvers, “the wifi adapter”. After chatting with just the right person who said, “hey, it’s probably the wifi adapter” . . . it’s the wifi adapter. Sweetie spends some time backing up my hard drive in two separate places and the laptop gets sent back to hp. The laptop arrives home tomorrow. Then the fun will begin. And by fun I mean syncing some stuff I need for work on that laptop. My guess is that it’ll be faster than this one.

The laptop I’m currently using is ancient tech wise but still functional for what I need right now. But my book is on the other laptop. You know the one that will be home tomorrow?!!

sewbatik 001To do some of the work I needed a second monitor. Fun. Easy to install. Do this…do that…in this order…not that one….this one. Yes dear friends, I read the directions. I followed said directions. All cables appropriately plugged in. The monitor has the appropriate things on screen…monitor logo then windows startup logo then nothing. End up having a conversation with someone at Missouri Star. He gives me some suggestions. I follow said suggestions. This includes a thought that occurs to me when reading the manual. The I google the name of the monitor with power button and voila! The power button is not clearly marked. Shocking I know. The quick start guide and the manual give reference to the icons on the buttons on the bottom of the screen. None of these is on/off. With the help of google (what on earth would we do without search engines these days?) I found said power button and turned ON the monitor.

This monitor makes a huge difference in what I can see moving fabric swatches around on the screen. I then spent hours moving fabric swatches around on the screen. It was a productive day. Indeed.

To add to the production and feelings of accomplishment I had the chance to do some editing for Gen Q and made dinner. No need to alert the media for I’m it. HAhahaha. And let you forget I am a quilter, there will be quilting pics very soon. Even if it’s stash acquisition pics. I have added to my stash recently in some oh so fun ways.

Happy Quilting!


UPDATE my laptop is home! And working and I’m a happy quilter!


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