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I commented to a friend that BUILD is such a great word for 2019, at least for me. This morning while working on what my day will look like I hit this moment of overwhelm that nearly stopped me in my tracks. Said friend reminded me to take a deep breath, and that I can… Continue reading Build

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Avoidance Therapy

Did you ever do almost anything else, even cleaning, to avoid getting some kind of work done? I'm sitting in front of my machine, looking at all of the stuff that's magically appeared on the flat surfaces over the last few days. This is all quilt and knitting related stuff so it belongs in this… Continue reading Avoidance Therapy

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Caution: Opening box may lead to. . .

spontaneous quilting.  With a warning like that on the box, diving in made perfect sense. Allow me to back up a little bit here. Kimberly Moos of Cotton Cuts asked if I would be willing to review the Cotton Cuts subscription box. While reviewing books and product for Generation Q Magazine is something that happens frequently,… Continue reading Caution: Opening box may lead to. . .

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still waters run deep and

I'll finally get my laptop back tomorrow. I'm attached to my laptop. I love having a laptop. I love having photos and pdf's and patterns and my book. Yes, my book is on that laptop that I get back tomorrow. Such a long time ago it seems that my laptop started acting up. Oh! It… Continue reading still waters run deep and