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Forty-one 4 patches

#bernina #b780 #quilt #patchwork

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This is what forty-one 4 patches looks like at the beginning of the day. Well almost, later in the day I added a charm pack of dots that I had sitting around.

Stitch after glorious stitch

Happiness is..

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alternating with the gray and the white, not quite sure where I’m going or what’s going to become of said 4 patches

Happiness is..

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each one was pressed. Pretty soon I’m going to have the fabulous Joan Hawley guest blog on the importance of pressing. I was reminded of a very important thing yesterday, and because of the fb posts it’ll be a two-fer: 1) it’s important to plug in the iron, this is courtesy of all the fb comments and 2) it’s important to set the iron to a heat setting.

For tough pressing situations I use a combination of distilled water and vodka. If I had an essential oil I’d add a bit of lavender. However I’ve been loving Flatter it smells lovely and has a fine spray.

Forty-one 4-patch blocks pieced. Love my #b780 and 97D #bernina #berninalove

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And here they all are. I’m not sure if they will all be in one quilt or if it’ll be two.

Going back to basics is often a good way to reinvigorate the love of quilt making. Reminding us (me) of what we fell in love with in the first place. There is something wonderfully cathartic stitching simple blocks. I’m thinking there will be more of this in my immediate future.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Quilting,


5 thoughts on “Forty-one 4 patches”

  1. A resounding yes to the catharsis of simple blocks. Anytime you can go to what you know, do it well, and enjoy it, that’s a wonderful thing.

    Now…about that iron…


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