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Looking for a Local Place to teach

Happy Saturday Quilterly Peeps! Yes I have promised you pictures of the Somers Quilt show and I will get there. Now that I have my laptop back. This is one happy quilter. I’ve been grateful to have one of the older laptops to use for work, but…it’s older and slower. It’ll be kept around as a back up and I need to use it to finish up some work.

quantum leap on machineI’m actively looking for a local place to teach machine quilting classes. As soon as I have that buttoned up I’ll let you know where and any dates that I have set. In the meantime I’ve updated the teaching gigs page. I’m going to Clamshell in CT and Warwick Valley in June, all in the space of one week. I love that part.

Last night my sweetie and I had a date night, with something of a purpose. I’m looking for a desk, a stand up desk. My sweetie found a table that had potential, so off we went. Now, one thing to NOT do in the greater NY City area is leave at the time of day, on a Friday when everyone else is heading home. Meaning, out of the City. Silly us. As the driver on this adventure there were times I would listen to the GPS and times I followed my own advice. I have a feeling that had I listened to the GPS this one time we would have arrived a bit sooner. But *I* knew better. We arrived at our destination. My sweetie did his shopping and we looked for the “desk” uh nope. Not in stock. This happens and I’m not in a hurry for said desk as my dining room table is perfectly fine at this moment. And…the space for my “office” is currently occupied. So there’s time to look

After getting what we needed we went to El Bandido for dinner. Best mole (sauce) I’ve ever had. And I had ceviche for the first time ever! It was so good. I can hardly wait to have it again. We were sad to learn that the local drive in movie theater has closed. That’s too bad because it was a nice one.

I’m heading up to the sewing room to quilt for a while. See ya latah

Happy Quilting!


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4 thoughts on “Looking for a Local Place to teach”

  1. You will find the perfect desk, i’m sure. It helps that you don’t need it NOW.

    Ceviche, yummm. 🙂

  2. If you have a local Scandinavian Designs, ours has a desk that can be sit-down or stand-up at the touch of a button. I covet it… Good luck in your search, and hope this helps!

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