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Go With the Flow

rock in burr grinderAs a quilter I know it’s important to listen to the needs of the quilts as I’m working piecing and quilting them. It takes time to learn how to listen and trust that the quilt is giving us good information. Reality is it’s learning and informing our brains to know what works and what doesn’t, a good bit of this is subjective (our own personal taste) and some is objective (developing and applying an understanding of color and other principles of art).
One of the simplest things is using the fabrics in the quilt, the shapes, textures, and colors to select colors and patterns for the quilting. I say it’s simple because it’s what I do. It’s what I showed quilters when they asked for help in the quilt shop. It’s what I share when I teach free motion machine quilting. The fabric designers have done some serious work and we can take what they’ve done and let it inspire us.

One of my biggest goals to listen to and meet the needs of my students and write this book.  As I’m listening to the members of the Clamshell Quilt Guild and the Warwick Valley Quilt Guild I’m hearing a lot that is informing how I move forward as a teacher and with this book. Earlier this year I put the book on hold for a few reasons, as I write this I’m beginning to see that I needed several experiences and conversations to wrap my head around a few concepts that were niggling at the back of my head and have recently become clear. As I’m writing this morning I’m having a strong urge to take a red pen to my introduction. Words that I thought were important are becoming less so.
JOURNEYAnd I’m going to be honest here: there is a level of fear. Kind of like entering my first quilt show and doing my first lecture and teaching my first machine quilting classes. Screwing this up is a total possibility and it’s a risk i’m going to move forward with taking. This morning my mind is reeling with possibilities in part because of the two lectures and class I just taught. I’m going to have that same class, with some tweaking with  the Warwick Guild.
I can not thank these quilters enough for allowing me to be part of their journey. More importantly I’m grateful for you all being part of my quilting journey. I love quilting and teaching and writing so much.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Go With the Flow”

  1. I just love your deep sense of responsibility for sharing “good stuff” with others! The “burden” that you express in today’s post is proof that you possess a special sensibility that is one of the characteristics of an excellent teacher. Your heightened sense of awareness (“listening” to your quilt OR students!) is what creates that “connection” resulting in an extraordinary (class/workshop) experience for all. Blessings and hugs from a Midwest “student” and admirer………………………….

  2. You found your passion Teri !!!! So many of us have your passion but just can’t seem to put it all together. I think many of us sit in the sidelines waiting for that flash of lighting to hit us, to open our creative side of our brains. So much going on in that brain but I especially cannot seem to put it on the fabric canvas. I’m trying so hard to find my style and not copy other artists out there; so this is my journey for now. Hugs for your gift of listening .

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