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Hold the Presses!

Zip it up Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags a Craftsy class by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs – A Review by Yours Truly
bendy bag the other sideI’ve known of Joan in the quilting scene for years and had the pleasure of meeting her. She’s sweet. Just a sweet person. After making a Bendy Bag, which is by the way the cutest bag ever. Joan and I had bit of a chat about pressing (and ahem, following directions). I’ll admit that that I’m not the best at following directions. Once I get what’s happening I’ll move forward. I do know that following the directions does make a difference. Joan speaks a lot about pressing along the way and it does make a difference. She has even developed some great tools to aid in pressing.
Well, now Joan has a Craftsy class on zipper techniques. She goes beyond the zipper techniques to explaining and showing the pressing techniques. It’s all in the details quilters, it’s all in the details. What I love is that not only does Joan make the techniques look easy, they are! Her directions are so good that I did everything but the pressing to do the Bendy Bag here. Learning the zipper techniques is priceless. Joan adds great details as she goes along. There’s nothing fancy in anything she does, it’s all about the process.
As I write a lot of Craftsy classes are $19.99, talk about value for money.
As a free-motion machine quilter I get the details and the process. I do the details in the process. I teach the details and techniques in the process. So…go get lazy…take Joan’s class and make some great bags!

Happy Quilting!


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