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Learning Something New

Creative energy is catching. It’s beautiful to watch and enter into. For two evenings the fabric, thread, sewing machines, and great creativity came out. Step, by careful step these newbie quilters along with Vanessa of Crafty Gemini, and a couple of more experienced quilters, plotted fabric acquisition, patterns, pieced, and quilted small quilts. One of the guys was going a bit bigger, more for a lap size/wall hanging with half square triangles.

Pictured above is Big Dave with his first quilt, he cut all of that fabric by himself, fussy cutting the print to get it to go in a specific direction.

The day before I left for Hamilton I looked all over for my camera case so I could travel with the camera. I’m still looking. It’s here. Somewhere. So photos are limited.


I did get to meet Jenny and chat with her for a bit. The night before this Jenny and her husband biked into town on their recumbent bikes. The last thing I heard was Rob Appell riding one of them.


My cousin, Josh Cook, published a really cool work of fiction, An Exaggerated Murder. This is one intelligently written murder mystery. (If you are easily offended by salty, blue language, walk away from the book) Josh’s command of the English language is stunning. His use of some cool literary tools to achieves the mind racing of his main character, Trike Augustine. One of the best bits of reading in a very long time.


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  1. Just ordered An Exaggerated Murder from the library. Come on, you know me, not even for a family member will I buy a book until I’ve read it. Cheep, cheep, cheep……

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