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Someone asked and I finally figured it out

AMB SolidsI shared this photo on fb, the inevitable question, “what are you going to do with the fabric?” cropped up.  I ask that question myself of quilters and of myself. “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer. As is, “I’m adding to my fabric stash” and “Who the heck knows, I just need it right now and I’m bringing it home.” There are other answers that work, “This is a ‘gift’ for a friend.” or “I’m making pajama bottoms for my nephew.”
My answer with these, “I’m collecting them” I love solid colors. I’ve had a love affair with them for a mighty long time. One of the first quilts I made for our home is all solids. I love the quilt, it’s the quilt I made for my Sweetie. It’s just perfectly flawed with tears in the fabric, mixed up quilting and a lot of love!

I’ve been considering remaking this quilt for a few years now. So while I’ve been collecting these with no purpose in mind I now know what I’m doing…remaking this quilt. I’m still in need of a boatload of black. And I’m thinking about what I’d change: the white may or may not stay. And the quilting will be different: the butternut or pumpkin seed will go on the “double Irish Chain” blocks. I’ll figure out what happens in the solid blocks later on. I don’t have a time line for this but I’ll take you on the remake journey with me.

One thing I share about this quilt is the “Great Rotary Cutting Incident of 1995.” If you need to hear that tale I’ll leave out most of the details. Because sometimes less is more.

Gratuitous Rose Photo

Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Someone asked and I finally figured it out”

  1. Such beautiful solids and a cool quilt story. Have fun. A couple of years ago, I saved some by buying both black and white solids by the bolt, but it is a big invest up front. I am about to have to buy more black and I’m about half way through the white. Have fun on your quilt journey!

  2. Your blog today reminded me of a time my two girlfriends and I went to the Quilt Conference in Lancaster, Pa. We went shopping at one of of the Amish quilt stores. I was thrilled that the fabric, at the time was only 6.00. That was about 2.00 less than the quilt store at that time.. I bought up some tone on tones and a few other pieces I really liked. One girlfriend said, “I am not really working on anything right now.” I think she bought like a 1/2 yard of something. The other I think bought 2 , probably 1/2 yards of something. All I could think of was you do not need to be working on something to buy fabric!!. I have always found that olive green and lime greens. go with everything. Buy some basic colors for your stash. How restrained of them but also I guess they were not fabric lovers like me.

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