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Standing is Optional

Before I get into the nitty gritty of today’s post. Let’s have us some winners:
Winner #1 Comment 2 – Sharon
Winner #2 Comment 10 – eclecticnatureoflife
Congratulations! I’ll email you privately and get the ball rolling to get one of the Quilters Select battings to you.

thread and needles from mqxMy love for thread drove me to get a thread stand years ago. You know the one…black, cast-iron base, that my husband had to drive the metal peg into. Because, I’ll own it, while I know how, and am quite capable of using a hammer, having help with such things is, well, priceless. And I didn’t want to do it. Cones are value for money, particularly when a lot of quilting and/or piecing happens. Quilting I do a little bit, here and there, now and again…and I have something of a love for thread – cotton, silk, polyester, wool, linen. I’m not sure if I’ve ever said that publicly before. Yeah, I know I have and it bears repeating.

I had the opportunity to get the “new” Superior Thread Holder.  The See below with some yummy, pretty Metallic on it.
IMG_0564Please look away from the dust. You didn’t notice? Oh good! I’m really glad to hear that. Whew.  The Thread Holder is quite the multi-tool, and what quilter doesn’t love a multi-tool? Cones, spools and bobbins are all options on this holder, giving us the most flexibility. The holder comes with several pieces, 2 end caps, cone adapter and bobbin adapter; the pin screws in to either the base for spools and cones, or into the back wall for spools, or the back for bobbins. The upper guide is adjustable to get it into just the right position.

I’ve been stitching with a lot of metallic to see how the B 790 responds. After adjusting the pin to the side wall of the holder I loaded the metallic, added the cap, started stitching and completely forgot about it. Often when stitching with metallic I’ll pause to make sure the thread isn’t twisting in a manner most unbecoming. Forgetting about metallic is like forgetting about where the needle is when stitching, yes it happens and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. While stitching the spider web (above) I simply kept stitching. This speaks to the quality of the thread, the beauty of the technical aspects of the machine, and the flexibility of the Superior Thread Holder.

I’ll add that this thread stand withstood the rigorous testing of the GenQ testing crew, led by Editor-in-chief Melissa Thompson Maher… quilters and sewists, who know their stuff. They tested all of the usual suspects and a beer stein (were like that). The Superior Thread Holder was the clear favorite. And it’s mine too. I loved my first thread stand and am very glad I’ve had it too, cones are, after all, value for money.

I can tell you that the results are worth getting the issue and GenQ is having a sale on back issues. Pick this one up while getting the ones you’ve always wanted.

Happy Quilting,


9 thoughts on “Standing is Optional”

  1. I had the tall dritz one forever. Bought the superior one a few months back. So much better than what is on the machine.
    cones rule. Lol

    Especially ice cream cones. 😉

  2. Hi, I’d love to perfect my FMQing! I’m learning but it is still kinda ‘wonky’ here and there! Thanks for a grand giveaway!

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