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Village Fabric Shoppe

setting up for classOn a chilly Saturday morning I packed quilts, Jeannie (B 790) and myself into the car and headed off to the Village Fabric Shop in Red Hook, NY. The Hudson Valley, rich in history and beauty, feels so much like home, it’s always a pleasure to have an excuse to go there. Really I don’t need one however TEACHING is a great reason.
@play, Machine Quilting is a variation on Go With the Flow, we do some doodling/drawing first then onto the machines. Quilters were asked to take a couple of minutes with the “quilt” they chose from the handout and write words, thoughts, and images that come to mind. This leads into doing a little drawing on the quilt.

wonder woman pencil puchThe quilters all come up with something very different for each quilt. Each quilter is different, it’s so fun to watch what happens. Next up, the same process with one of the other quilts and let them draw this time. The whole goal is to see the possibilities. That the limits are merely their imagination. When the imagination is set free these quilters can do whatever they want.

It’s so fun to listen to the quiet as they think. The final part before stitching is to have them draw a bit on blank paper. At the end of each bit of time we share. The sharing then is to help spark their own creative process to see possibilities.drawing at the machines

Then get them stitching on the machines. The quilters can take one of the blocks they’re working on, or something completely different. One gal drew a butterfly block, based on a quilt she’d recently made. Then drew a butterfly. I had her transfer the free hand butterfly onto fabric and get stitching…it’s going to be pretty when it’s complete.

Another student started with a stencil…I totally flipped it on her. Flipped the quilt sandwich over and told her to just go for it. Once we got her machine stitching well her happy camper level went right up. And the look of joy on her face – priceless.

students hard at work

Shop owner Diana was playing along as she could. I’d given her a copy of Generation Q Magazine to peruse. Inspired by one quit she started drawing the block and filling in with some quilting motifs.

diana gen q inspiration

diana drawing
She has some interesting bits and pieces around the shop including an octopus tentacle pen. I got the shot because the texture is way cool. Can’t you just see this quilted out?village fabric shop pen cool texture

as soon as we can set a new date we’ll plan another class date. I am available to come teach at your guild or show.

Happy Quilting!


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