Sunday Morning Musings

Every once in a while a year is just out of sorts. Life goes plodding along in a most uncomfortable, and challenging way. It’s summed up by the picture I posted on instagram the other day:

Here it is Christmas and some of our hyacinths started pushing up through and are now blooming. It’s weird, but it happens.
Quilt ideas come bubbling up to the surface, creating excitement, then there is no time to make said quilts. The ideas are stuck to the wall, waiting for the time to make them. I’m not complaining, just recognizing truth.
hand painted fabricsI purchased these from Jane Davila at the Northern Star Quilt Show in May. They are still waiting for me to add some stitching. I’m not terribly bothered by this, as there is something special about these that lends itself to just the right project.

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Autumn in my backyard yard

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It feels very much like I’ve pulled back from quilting. The actual physical quilting part. Being involved in the quilting community through Generation Q Magazine, the store I’m working in, etc. hasn’t changed at all. Yesterday I got a couple of reminders of what I love so much about working in a shop, or more importantly interacting with quilters – that sharing of the gift of quilting. I had a conversation on color, helping a quilter begin to see beyond her initial impressions and start to put things together differently. When a quilter leaves with a smile on their face, and a bit of a spring in their step, there’s not much better. In these moments I’m energized, and renewed. It’s a drop of creativity, giving a drink to this thirsty soul. And a chat with another quilter who told me I’m hilarious. I have no idea what she’s talking about. I’m so very, very serious.

Joanne Sharpe is hosting a great 12-month class, Artfully Inspired Life 2016. Joanne is a real sweetheart. This is a great way to start the new year, doing something creative and quite frankly different. Different is sometimes just the thing we need to get a better handle on who we are as quilt makers.

And then there are posts like this and this from Melly Sews that just shows how fun we are as sewists and quilt makers.

Have a great quilterly day peeps!

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