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Happy New Year

lunar eclipse blood moonI think about quilts all the time. How can I take an image, an impression, a word, add fabric, batting, and thread to create something beautiful. I think about what thread will look best, what size will this be, how do I make the most of the what I have.
And I think about this year in quilting. It’s been a wild ride, not nearly as productive as I would have liked. The “have-to’s” have occupied my time in unexpected ways. It’s been a gift in a way, as the ideas flow and fly.
???????????????????????????????There have been quilty trips, dinner with friends, connections made, goals achieved, living up, letting down, and letting go. It’s all part of life.
2016 is proving to be a full year already. I’m looking forward to teaching at HMQS, a guild upstate, writing a book, and doing my best at the quilt shop where I work – I get to teach people how to use their machines! There is something oddly exciting about this.

I’m still working on some “Prep work Posts”.

drawing at the machines
Teaching Quilting is the Best

Here’s to a Happy Healthy 2016,


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