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Gen Q Front Cover July AugustThe Road2CA is on this week. And this years storm is just over. Last year at this time I was “stranded” in CA because of a Nor’Easter. Had I been in CA this year I wouldn’t be stranded. I would be making my way to Jake’s house, planning on coming home later this week. Ahhh memories!

You know that moment when you know. You just know what you’re supposed to be doing? That you’re with the right people? That it’s just right. Yeah that. I love working with Generation Q Magazine, this has been the two coolest years. Feel free to head on over to the website. Just remember to come back. I’ll miss you.
The article currently on the front page is this: Thank You, wherein we sprinkle little bits of love and thank Community Editor Scott Hansen for his years with us. There are some really cool pictures, including some from our first Quilt Market in Kansas City, he has this really cool ring. Scott is taking on a new role, more in the background in a pattern designing kind of way. He’s currently working on our Patchwork Almanac, our 2016 block of the month.
Well peeps, I’ll never be able to fill Scott’s shoes, they’re too big, because he’s quite tall. I am, however, taking on the Community Editor-ness of it all. That’s right, I’m adding “Seeker of all Amazing Quilts” and projects to my responsibilities with GenQ. I’m kind of excited in a “how on earth did I get here” and “somebody please pinch me” kind of way.
Today will have some research, some shoveling, some GenQ work, some quilting!

Happy Quilting!

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