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An Invitation, Accepted

"Twilight in the Bronx"A few years back I entered “Twilight in the Bronx” into the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show. It came home with a second place ribbon. I remember talking with a couple of ladies after picking my quilt up and remember doing the whole, “pointing out of the flaws” when “Thank You” is gracious.

Thank you!

I’ve been asked, and have accepted, an invitation to be the Speaker and teach at the show. October 7 & 8, 2017. We’re still working out all of the details for the classes, that will come together.

To say I’m excited is something of an understatement. Truly I’m honored. Thank you to the committee for asking. Trish, if you’re reading this thank you so much for your kind words.


4 thoughts on “An Invitation, Accepted”

  1. How exciting to be able to teach, speak and share what you love.
    Those days when you ask yourself… why do this?
    Are answered on days when you are Asked, to do this.
    This ..being your art….
    This being your soul…
    This being you…who was asked to share your passion to others who share the love of quilting.
    And that is why you do what you do!

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