It’s highly unlikely that the person who said this to me the other day will ever read my blog and telling details will be left out so the conversation won’t be very identifiable.

“You’re lucky I didn’t post this on (insert name of some kind of review type website here)”

I work in an industry where customer service is key. I do my very best to meet the needs of the customers in front of me. I fail sometimes, miserably. This particular situation is awful because there is more involved here than I can share.

I’ll come back to this in a moment. WordPress has a feature called Reader where blogs I like are pulled in and show up in my feed. The blogs I read are quilting, faith, and other things I find interesting. This morning I read Kindness is Taught at Home, then The Bloggess always has something interesting to say, and then I read this blog. The trend I see is kindness. Kindness to others, and as importantly kindness to self. Kindness goes a long, long way and is essentially a healing balm. Kindness smooths the way making a relationship easier.

It is not lost on me in any way that Customer Service is a relationship, often short, sometimes it’s longer depending on the product, or type of store. While I do my best, I know full well that I can not please everyone all the time. Sometimes there is no attempt at kindness, no building I can do that will help the situation. The other person in this relationship (the customer) will not allow it, no matter what the circumstances are in that moment, there’s nothing that I can do that is expected, or right.

I’ve had negative comments written about me on a particular review site. It’s gutting. And I see clearly how that review can have a negative impact on a business. There is always more to the story and that more may be essential to understanding something key going on. Review sites give one side. It’s skewed. And sometimes it’s downright hurtful. So when this person told me that I was lucky that the review didn’t end up on said review site I did have an immediate gut reaction that, thankfully, didn’t make it past my lips.

The entire situation will not make it so any social media outlet that I use, on a daily basis.

What will make it to my social media outlets?

Kindness. Remember that the people who own, and work in any kind of retail business are people. While they may have engaging personalities and can be quite fun, they have limits as well. Sometimes the “person staring at a computer screen ignoring me” is trying desperately to place an order for other customers and doesn’t want anything to slip through her fingers. Perhaps this person working is dealing with some stressful issues and while they don’t want to bring it to work, the stress lives right below the surface and sometimes it bubbles up. Perhaps the person working needs to use the facilities, or eat. I could go on.

Kindness flows both ways.
Kindness is the light that allows us to see there is more there, even though we don’t know the details.
Kindness allows us to see that the store is busy and we may not get the personalized attention that we may feel we deserve.
Kindness is a balm that soothes rough relationships.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. As a midwife and nurse, kindness is vital, no matter how stressed the “clients” are, in what is often the most exciting or worst day of their lives, we all remember different things from each encounter. I understand. fully. , no matter what service you work in, it’s the same.and it does go both ways.
    Well written. Thankyou.

  2. Beautiful! And, I agree with Bill. One never knows a commenter’s point of reference or life experience, or what’s happened to them that day, even, so I don’t take negative comments to heart.

    I do consider other reader’s experience on my site, though, so remove nasty comments if I think they would distract other readers. That’s part of the fun of running one’s little space on the Internet! Much Love, Fondly, Robin

  3. Teri. I so agree. I use to work retail. I loved getting to know the clientele and even still miss it. I do remember a few times when I just couldn’t please the customer and would offer them my managers name and number so they could make their complaint. The manager knew who I was and how I treated people. If I am treated so poorly that I couldn’t sway them to change then I just said whatever… and gave it back. The customer is not always right.

  4. Don’t feel bad. They are reviewing you while obviously still upset and that may have nothing to do with you. I try to not write a review until I have had time to calm down. That said, our business had a negative “review.” I put that in quotes because I don’t consider a sale of 1-5 stars a review. That’s a rating but, whatever. Anyway, this particular person gave us 2 stars. No comment. No reason why….and then I figure out why….he has never set foot in our business. Now, how the heck do you give a review and/or rating if you haven’t done business with someone? I find that dishonest.

    I could have retaliated and given him a rating of 1 star but I have ethics. I did, however, go to his FB business page and ask him to justify his rating, please. I suggested it’s less than honest to diss someone when, in fact, you have no idea what they or their business are like. Needless to say, he deleted my comment.

    I can only assume he feels threatened by us, somehow….

  5. The internet has successfully awarded anonymity, and in their eyes “power”, to a few who choose to use it inappropriately. It is sometimes difficult but always necessary to refuse to allow such statements to exert their power and control but to pray and go on. We are admonished in the Bible to “as much as it’s within your power” to continue doing the good thing. Beyond that we leave it with Him……………….hugs, Dearheart

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