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There’s just so much

Several months ago this blog by Seth Godin resonated deeply. Each one of us has a unique lived experience, and that lived experience informs our quilt making experience. Here's the post (follow the link for more Seth!) The foggy mirror Most people can't resist a mirror. It makes the wait for an elevator more palatable, and… Continue reading There’s just so much



It's highly unlikely that the person who said this to me the other day will ever read my blog and telling details will be left out so the conversation won't be very identifiable. "You're lucky I didn't post this on (insert name of some kind of review type website here)" I work in an industry… Continue reading Trending:Kindness

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You are a Smart, Intelligent woman, and you can do this

Sunday seems like a good day to blog right now. While there is a lot going on in life that I'm not quite ready to share or can't share. Some things are just hard. Knowwhadimean? So this morning I read this blog by Kathy Sebright. It once again spoke to my heart, deeply and profoundly.… Continue reading You are a Smart, Intelligent woman, and you can do this