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For the first time in ages

I get to go to the next guild meeting! I can’t tell you the last time that attending was possible. Not complaining, just sayin’ that working in the city cramped my quilting style would be something of an understatement. I’ve missed my quilting peeps.


Over the last couple of days I’ve actually spent some time stitching, writing some of the directions. And in the spirit of having something to show of my quilting I’m working on a new bag for me. At the BERNINA Ambassador Retreat we got to play with some cork fabric and I’m going to use that to make part of my new bag and two new wallets. Directions for all of this will eventually be available, I’m just uncertain as to where.

I read quite a few blogs, one of my faves is Kelly Ann’s Quilting. Kelly Ann is a fun sized (read as my height) quilt shop owner whom I adore. She’s got a kind heart, and a lovely shop from what I’ve seen on facebook and vids. I’ve met her shop manager Angie, and if she’s any indication of the staff, well, this is a place to visit when you’re in Virginia. Kelly Ann posted a “Tuesday Tip” that you can see here. I forgot that I actually knew this. And if I remember correctly it was from one of the Elm Creek books by Jennifer Chiaverini. I carried Kelly Ann’s Quilting tote bag so much that I wore it out in less than 6 months. It’s a good thing there are more, just sayin.

I’m off to quilt.

Happy Quilting,


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