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The other day Megan Doughtery posted that she had a wee nip of writers block. It's awful, I can tell you. Writers block, and quilters block are real, annoying, and quite frankly weird. Like who stops creativity in its tracks and says, "You Shall Not Pass!" Understanding deeply Megan's suffering I started posting random stuff… Continue reading Sharing

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We get by with a little help from our friends inQuilt Market Classes!

Good friends, like good wine are a rare gift and a distinct pleasure. As a quilter I've been blessed with some good friends. Several who are teaching at Quilt Market in St. Louis. Tracy Mooney, Senior Editor of Generation Q Magazine - Keep Your Customers Sewing: Adaptive techniques to keep your customers sewing and quilting longer.… Continue reading We get by with a little help from our friends inQuilt Market Classes!

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Talk about a quilt with Character

Talk about a quilt that is a character. And I'm going to share some of its most interesting character traits. But first, let's see how Kelly Ann measures up. Worth the visuals alone. I've talked about this quilt here and here. I love this quilt, always have. The character in this quilt rests in the… Continue reading Talk about a quilt with Character

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For the first time in ages

I get to go to the next guild meeting! I can't tell you the last time that attending was possible. Not complaining, just sayin' that working in the city cramped my quilting style would be something of an understatement. I've missed my quilting peeps. Over the last couple of days I've actually spent some time stitching, writing… Continue reading For the first time in ages

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Blogging Friends

Cheryl Sleboda at Muppin is hosting a 31 day blogging challenge. I'll be adding her and a host of others to my blogroll (on the left column of the page). I gave serious consideration to participating in the challenge, however since I write for 3 different blogs I'd be writing full time and I have… Continue reading Blogging Friends

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Bucket List Imagination. So the other day I captured an intimate moment between a dog and a pig. I did try to turn away politely, not staring but it was so sweet that I had to capture the moment. The dog and the pig kissing was suggested by Kelly Ann, the fun-sized owner of Kelly Ann's… Continue reading Bucket List