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Linzi Upton, Claudia Scheja, and Monika Huelsebuch

I often forget to take pictures of the people I get to meet. Often thinking that time will allow for picture taking later. Oddly enough it doesn’t happen. So that I have these is something of a miracle. Linzi is a blogger (The Quilt Quine) I’ve been following for years, and a BERNINA Ambassador.

Linzi made Tartan Tattoo…good golly this is pretty.


This picture doesn’t do this beauty justice. Linzi had a small piece of tartan (plaid) that she designed the quilt from. Holy wow! The quilting is stunning.


Having lunch with Debby Brown, a highlight of my weekend. Actually getting to sit and chat in person is a treat for both of us.

20170224_184022I managed to meet up with Luana Rubin at the cocktail hour that equilter sponsored. I love chatting with Luana for oh, so many reasons. Her insight into the world of quilting simply blow me away. That and her photography.


The lighting in convention centers…ugh. But the people…are amazing. Mary Abreu, witty, talented, and Fluevog wearing. Mary wrote Hack That Tote! Love that book!

Working in the booth I got to talk to so very many quilters. And it just reminds me ever so deeply that the quilting world is my home. I love the quilters, I love the buzz on the show floor. I love piecing, free-motion machine quilting, and so much more.

Happy Quilting,



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