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A Quilt Show Score

Pink. I picked up some pink fabric to make  a quilt for someone I’ve never met. At one shop the bundle of Andover Dimples, at another shop three different 1 1/2 yard pieces, including some Moda Grunge. Adding to this some solids that I have on hand. Pink is not one of my “go to” colors. And sometimes pink simply makes me sad, this is one of those. But score! I found what I needed for the quilt.

On the way to the show I managed to accomplish all of the unpicking that was needed. Four blocks, about 90 minutes, and it’s all good.received_10212466252319780

The blocks are ready to piece again, and this time, I’ll double check to make sure the blocks are going in the correct direction this time. One thing I’ve learned about this pattern is it’s a 9-patch, with lots and lots of pieces. The rest of this will go together fairly easily, thought not quickly.

Thankfully I found some 505 basting spray. Good golly does this make my stitching life easier! I picked up a new batting to try. Once I’ve done the stitching I’ll let you know if I like it. High-ho, it’s off to quilt I go.

Happy Sunday,


Coming soon: how long did this quilt take?

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