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A little quilt love

Live your brightest life 1

I keep coming back to Let Your Light Shine. Right now the Live Your Brightest Life – Yvonne Porcella exhibit is at Meissner’s in Sacramento, CA.  If you have a chance stop in and see it.

There are a few elements of this quilt that I want to explore more. These will probably end up on The Moon is Made of Cheese, Cheddar Cheese.

Debby Brown has a great pic on her Instagram for how manages left over fabric. What I love is how organized this feels. It’s also got me thinking about how to work on quilts down the road.

Have a totally fab quilty day.




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  1. Teri, is there a sight with a picture of this quilt as I am almost as far away as one can get in the USA from CA!

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