On Tidying Up

Tidying up in preparation for free motion quilting is an essential step. Because I needed space on the floor to baste the quilt. After spending a good bit of yesterday doing said tidying my sweetie and I were watching some show, which I paused for a moment. Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! Damitol! Wouldn’t you know it…mouse. Well it turns out that he thinks we have a squirrel in the house. Probably entering the house through one of the vents on the roof.
For a much more pleasurable and hilarious squirrel story, click here.

In the mean time this day will be full of a GenQ meeting, basting a quilt, and starting to quilt said quilt.

Oh, and some more tidying up and clearing my  brain.

Happy Quilting!


Word of the Year and a little more



Gratitude is my word of the year for 2017. Contemplating over the last few weeks what the Word of the Year might be “gratitude” kept coming to mind in the midst of many other words. Creating a word cloud seemed appropriate and fun. There may be a few words added as the year goes on simply for the exercise in thinking this over. 2016 has presented a lot of personal challenges, some of which have kept me from pursing teaching quilting in the way that I would love to do. I’m grateful for this as it has given me time to reflect on the classes, descriptions, and how I’m getting the word out. I’m still working on the wording but feel free to check them out here.

lunar eclipse blood moon
Ever inspired by the moon, the Robert Kaufman Radiance is pressed, and sitting on my ironing board. Eagerly  awaiting for the time to select batting, thread, and get started stitching. 

As much as I disliked pushing the pause button on a couple of major “I really want/need to do this” things in 2016, I’m grateful that the door is still open to them when time is available. Knowing that pushing pause left the door open didn’t make the decisions easy, nor did that lessen the angst about growing the career I’ve wanted in quilting for a long time. Expressing a desire to give up to a good friend recently, helped me to realize that giving up isn’t something I want to do. Quilt teacher brain kicked in this morning with a “hey! have you thought of offering this?” This is a two or three day class that begins with inspiration, goes through drawing/doodling, fabric, batting, and thread choices, and ends with a quilt. This feels like a bit of a feat, however I think presented retreat style, a class like this might will work.

2017 may present some time to finish a couple of things that have been in my sewing room for a while. One of them I know I’ll need to get thread for, oh darn, right?! This one has the request for glow in the dark thread. I’ll get cones. Shocked? Yeah, me neither. The other two are for amazingly special people in my life. One for a long time friend, who started the blocks years ago and asked me to finish it for her. The other that I designed for one of my nieces, working on it intermittently. This will open the way for other quilts that are rattling around in my brain. And maybe quilts that will lead to being able to pick up one of the projects that I needed to drop.

I’m grateful for my sweetie. The ever supportive, and willing to stop at any quilt shop along the route. Twenty-four plus years gives a lot of counting of the ways and I just love him.

So, I welcome 2017 with my arms as wide open as possible, with gratitude. I look forward to further reflection on 2016, growing in gratitude in 2017 and the journey forward.

Happy Quilting!



Caution: Opening box may lead to. . .

spontaneous quilting. 20161129_101126

With a warning like that on the box, diving in made perfect sense.

Allow me to back up a little bit here. Kimberly Moos of Cotton Cuts asked if I would be willing to review the Cotton Cuts subscription box. While reviewing books and product for Generation Q Magazine is something that happens frequently, it’s not often that I get asked for my personal website/blog.

As you know things quilt related are my work. I try my best to do them well. Quilting, teaching, writing, reviewing, supporting quilters in their journey it’s all a part of it. Working well is a way that we express our dignity, our respect for others, and for our very self. Our work is very much part of who we are, our identity. When we have the opportunity to do work that is meaningful, that helps support our families, and brings us great joy there is something beautiful in this. The mission statement of Cotton Cuts is:

Cotton Cuts is on a mission to create jobs. We have partnered with a local workshop that provides dignified employment opportunities to the intellectually challenged and to those with other disabilities. Every Cotton Cuts membership that you purchase contributes toward enriching the lives of these very talented individuals.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This isn’t simply a feel good thing. If I wanted the feels there are other ways of achieving it. This goes deeper, this goes to the person. This goes towards recognizing the inherent dignity of the person, and the gift of the person. This goes to supporting their dignity as individuals. This company is about more than fabric.

The box is just the right size, and it’s purple, which is one of my favorite colors. While it’s not a reason to get the box it’s a bonus for me. The box is a good size to store fat quarters or other quilty supplies that we bring with us when going to a class or traveling from here to there.

The box comes with quilt block suggestions and simple, clear directions. On the back of the card is a diagram that might be colored in, or used as a layout for the block on the front. These might be collected like recipe cards we keep and use for special times throughout the year. The zipper pull says, “I heart quilting”, why yes I do, and there’s an upcoming project I may use this for.

20161129_101307And then there’s the Designer Spotlight, a lovely way to get to know a new to us designer. On the front is a bio, on the back a coupon code for a pattern by the featured designer. In this November box we meet Rochelle Martin of Cottage Quilt Designs in Michigan.


The fabric comes wrapped in a ribbon. It’s a gift wrapped up in a bow. This attention to details makes getting the box in the mail so much fun.

Now before sending fabric out to you they ask a few questions about your color, and fabric preferences, and whether you’d prefer fat quarters or fat eights. I do love the fabrics included in the November bundle. Cotton Cuts is a great way to build a stash, learn about your own fabric preferences, and have a lot of fun. And yes, use the fabric. Several of these will work in a quilt I’m already making. Head on over to the Cotton Cuts website and peruse around a bit, order a box (the holidays are coming!), try them out. With that said, I’m off with these newly acquired fat quarters to get some stitching in on this rainy day.

Happy Quilting,




Sweet Dreams are Made of these

This Nike commercial popped up into my fb newsfeed:

The Cubs win the World Series. At this point in the day this is not news. As a Yankee fan I’m happy for them. They worked hard, the played the game hard, they won. Kids all over will be sleeping in this morning and quite frankly they should be excused. It’s been over 100 years. There is something really amazing about realizing a dream, completing a goal, making your mark.

The commercial is about that dream, it’s about that goal, and kudos to Nike for talking up the dream. For recognizing that kids have dreams and these dreams can be encouraged and nourished. Dreams give hope. Dreams give us goals to attain. What I love most is that this kid is practicing, practicing, practicing. No one is on the field with him and there he is, practicing. He’s doing the work that realizing his dream involves.

A Pair of Blocks #bernina #piecing #quilting #terilicasquilts

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As I watched the commercial I realized that, like this kid, I still have quilterly dreams and goals. There is work to get there. There are a few curve balls thrown in at the moment. But those dreams are still there, giving me something to work toward. I’d like to win big at Houston. I’d like to be Editor-in-Chief of Generation Q Magazine (yes, Melissa knows this and we have another 20 years before that happens). I want to write that book, the day will come when that happens.

His happy dance at the end of the commercial is very much my experience when I achieve a goal, or watch someone that I’ve helped connect in some real way, or encouraged in some tangible way experience the achievement of their own dreams and goals. I feel that way when my students ‘get it’ finding their way to the better quilting they so desire.

Always hold onto your dreams. Let them bring you hope, rather than discouragement. I know it’s hard reading comments from judges sometimes, or hearing negative comments from other quilters, or having someone be mean to you for no real, tangible reason.

Put on Your Favorite Dream and fly!

Happy Quilting,


PS Pinwheels and Friends starts in less than a week! Will I see you there? Rumor has it that there will be prizes for my students. Click here to sign up for Doodling Your way to Better Quilting.

Exercising Creativity

Drawing and coloring with the cousins @jacqui_r_h @cdeau2011 @red217 @farmgirl403

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I spent the weekend with my sisters, and cousins. The place we were staying in upstate NY was out of range for the my cell provider, and the house we rented didn’t have wi-fi. For a person who works social media as part of her job being without internet access was really challenging. Really challenging.

One of the things that we discovered is that we all like to color. Sunday afternoon we needed to pick up a few things, including stuff to color. For me this included a simple Zentangle set, complete with the three inch tiles so commonly used. Three of the tiles in the above Instagram pic are those tiles, the fourth is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ drawing page, much more my preferred size. I do love the Pigma Micron pens that come with the set. There are two pencils as well, that remind me of the pencils that are given when you go play mini-golf. We found coloring books, and pens/pencils at a couple of different places. I went with yet another set of pencils, and will at some point make a carrying case for them.

We are already talking about where we might go next year. Coloring will be part of that.

And then (here’s where I really missed the social media) Jake Finch wrote Notions: Quilt Magazines – Relevant or Not. You may have heard that Quilter Newsletter Magazine will publish its final magazine in October. QNM is one of the magazines I subscribed to early on. What I really appreciated about it is that the editorial took quilt making seriously. There are so many words vying for attention in my brain right now that I’m having a hard time writing! I’m bothered by the thought of yet another magazine related to our industry shuttering their doors. There are PEOPLE involved here, and for me that is the crucial thing here. There are people who are losing their livelihood as a direct result of this.

And on top of it American Quilt Society announced that the will no longer be publishing books. Again there are PEOPLE involved here. People who work in the quilting industry. People who are involved in making quilts, writing patterns, writing copy, editing patterns, editing copy, taking pictures, editing pictures.

Again there are so many words vying for attention. My heart goes to the people who are a vital, vibrant part of quilt making. People who are now looking for work. Quilt professionals who will not have their books published by this well respected publisher. I’m not sure at this moment how AQS is going to manage this aspect of the book publishing division.

I can see that the future of quilt making is bright and vibrant. However this feels very heart rending. Because PEOPLE.

PEOPLE are at the heart of quilt making. That is the essential key here. PEOPLE.

I love the people I get to work with in this industry, you are my friends, students, and customers. You encourage, and support, and help shape who I am. You, as a person, are a vital, important part of this industry. And as we move forward we will need to exercise our creativity to figure out where we go from here

Happy Quilting,



My desk while I’m working

20160721_055500I’m working on finishing an article this morning before going to work.
This is my desk in the midst of the writing a Test Drive for Generation Q Magazine.
I am happy.
I need coffee.
I am happy to be writing.
Cold brew is awesome.
Rejoice with me, something fun is happening in this place. Like the mug says, DREAM!

Happy Quilting!


PS In the years I’ve been blogging I’ve finally made it to 1000 posts. We will celebrate this soon.