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Sharing because this is brilliant

20170527_125003Years ago when message boards, and blogs were the social media of the day one of the tips I saw, and supported was practicing machine quilting for 20 minutes a day really adds up over time. I wrote about this in I figure I’m about 1/2 way there.

This morning Ebony Love posted Find More Time for Sewing and Quilting on Love Bug Studios. Ebony expands on the concept by giving great tips for achieving the goals of sewing and quilting. Tip number one alluded to that 20 minutes, and making good use of that time.

feather tutorial bSo head on over to Ebony’s blog read her tips and build in that time for you. Remember you’re worth the time, and effort.

And I’m going to remind every one to maintain their machines at home get that lint out, and oil it as needed – like if you haven’t used the machine in three weeks.
thread and needles from mqxChange the needle regularly, spending time unstitching because the tip if your needle is bent is frustrating. Ask me how I know – I won’t show you my thread covered shirt. The machine will have to go in for a tune up with the tech soon.
Change your rotary cutter blade regularly. One of these days I’ll re-tell the story why…but that’s much better in person so watch for a facebook live.
Sewing, and quilting are good for our mental health.

Happy Quilting!


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