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On this day in 2014

I wrote:

I hereby propose that the word “JUST”
be permanently removed from the Quilters Lexicon.
I’m just a beginner
I’m just a traditional quilter
I’m just a new paper piecer
I’m just
I’m just
I’m just

We are all quilters in the process of learning. There is always something that we will not be Amazing at until we’ve Practiced! Practiced! Practiced! When we’re “Just” this or that we diminish and demoralize ourselves. If we need to say “I’m a newer quilter” or “I’m new to machine quilting” Great! That opens a realm of possibility!

Let’s be Quilters!

Saying, “I’m a beginner” states where you are as a quilter. It is enough.
Saying, “I’m learning” leaves us open to potential new ideas. It is good.
Saying, “I need help” offers other the opportunity to offer suggestions, leaving you free to choose what will work for you.
Saying, “I need to think about this” says that the possibilities are overwhelming and time to think is necessary. This is great.
Saying, “This is a new technique for me” allows room to make mistakes, and learn how to fix ’em.
Saying, “I quilt for fun” is the best expression of quilt making ever. In this there is room for seams that are a bit off, and quilting stitches that are a little less than consistent.
Saying, “I love quilting” says this is my happy place, a source of joy.
Saying, “I love quilting” says I’m grateful for wrapping my family and friends in love.
Saying, “I love quilting” says I can refrain from comparing myself to other quilters because they are as unique as I am.
Saying, “Just” closes the door.

Fling open the doors, be who you are, You are enough.

Enjoy your stitching!


4 thoughts on “On this day in 2014”

  1. This is a wonderful post as we countdown to Thanksgiving. I am a number one offender of this negative thought process. Thanks for loving us all so much that you are always willing to put yourself ‘out there’.

  2. I say ‘just’ all the time, almost like a stutter, but mostly in a way that denies the difficulty of a process that I have mastered. I have been trying to eliminate the word from my vocabulary and this post tightens that resolve. Thanks for the good words!

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