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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Admit it, you’re singing it

This is a tale of gratitude. Ready?

Last night my Rowenta was evicted from my house. Permanently.

Allow a little latitude. Some years ago my iron stopped working for no apparent reason. A trip to one of my favorite shops to obtain a new iron. Plugged in new iron, nothing. An incredulous look on my face. What. on. earth?! Iron was plugged into an extension cord. Extension cord failed. Gah! Unplug extension cord, plug in old iron and oh the warmth! Now this quilter owned two irons. Rejoice with me!

Gratuitous Kitty Photo Miss this boy

This new Rowenta has 1800 watts of power. Oooooo because ironing cotton on the high end of the linen setting is all the rage in the quilting world. We’re Hot! Hot! Hot! Said iron has removed pleats, puckers, wrinkles and the like from countless yards of fabric. It has pressed seams in the correct direction, or open depending upon the mood of the user. Shockingly said iron has also pressed my Sweetie’s pants and shirts. Don’t look so shocked, your iron does that too. Then there are the fusibles ironed to fabric needing fusible.

cotton setting
The Little Snot

Earlier in the day it pressed fabric for a wee nip o’pattern testing for a friend. Doing the job well and with my gratitude. Last night though. *Insert eye roll here* This little snot decided that it was done ironing fabric forever. After pressing a small backing for a quilt started the other day, courtesy of Creative Brain

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Creative brain speaks and I all in

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This particular piece of fabric is a lovely orange stylized floral that just makes the heart sing with exuberance, and joy.

In the background a book I’m listening to a book and I hear an odd noise, kind of like a crackle. Like a cat looking out the window I look around the room to see where the noise is coming from. Can’t quite place it. Stitch, stitch, words, noise. The iron captures my attention noticing that the edge of the iron is on a quilt so I get up to remedy this situation. Whoa! This iron has been on it’s base for ten minutes so should be coolish and it’s hot. I look up and see a light haze in the room. Crap! I unplug the iron. Stitch for a little bit to see if the little snot will cool down. Nope.

The iron that died pressed this beauty. You can get the Indigo batik at

My Sweetie has not been feeling well, not wanting me to get sick (ha fooled you I have a cold, so there!) is sleeping downstairs. What to do? What to do? Well This sucker cannot stay in the house so, with iron in hand I head downstairs, walk right past his sleeping form to the door. No noise, so far so good. Unlock the door, open, go outside, find a safe place, and leave the iron there. Reverse process and go back upstairs.

Gratuitous Image to evoke HOT HOT HOT

Then doubt sets in, what if the iron is still hot, or worse yet and it’s too close to the house. Gah! What to do? Sweetie comes upstairs, I go down and check the little snot is now cool I can sleep without worrying. Iron will receive a proper disposal an an appropriate unraining time. Yes unraining is a word, I just created it, you’re welcome to use it.

So the iron that was really working when I thought it wasn’t working will come out from hiding, get plugged in WHEN I have fabric to press.

Happy Quilting!


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