Wednesday, Wednesday!

I love that day!

It’s a Snow Day here in the City. I declare shenanigans and am running to my sewing room shortly. While I was expecting to see snow on the ground already, it seems the predictors have upped the expected totals to somewhere between 12 and 18 inches. For the love of pete, enough already. Though I do have a memory of a huge snow storm in April more than once in my lifetime. So Mother Nature can be a bit of a snot sometimes.

While perusing through LinkedIn this morning I saw this video of a little girl learning how to jump up on a step stool. She falls down, she gets back up to try again. Her dad comes in toward the end, giving her a bit of direction, on the next try she makes it up and sticks the landing.

teaching socks 002In one sense we quilters are all that girl, trying over and over and over again, often seemingly unsuccessfully. It takes guts to keep trying in the midst of seeming failure. The “parents” are the teachers. Who are trying to to make the next jump (or two!) – and want to encourage, and bring  you along with them knowing that something will work, click, and enough practice will help you make the leap.

Speaking of teaching I’ll be at Christie’s Quilting Boutique in Norwalk, CT on Saturday April 28th for Beginner Free-motion Machine Quilting. Check out the facebook event page for more info, then call to sign up! I can hardly wait to see you.

I’m off to shovel before the Sweetie comes home from work. Then do some quilt related stuff.

Happy Stitching!




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