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A bit of a round up

Over the last couple of years I’ve been switching over to Alex Anderson’s Quilters Select Rulers and Mats. The Quilt Show posted a video of Alex demoing the ruler and mat:

and here’s the whole bit in one vid:

I keep the 12” x 18” by my sewing machine to square up blocks, and cut 1 1/2” strips as one does. The Quilt Show is having a bit of a sale follow the link above to check this out. Get it. Check this out. Oh never mind.

Next up a bit with Kraft-Tex

Gailen Runge, Creative Director at C&T, has a new backpack pattern, Charlie. She writes a good pattern. And using Kraft-Tex, available in a variety of colors, and ready for use. It even comes pre-washed so it’s a bit more flexible and has a crinkly, comfortable feel.

Then there’s the Sandra Clemons/Make it Blossom “new” book

Simple Patchwork, Make it Blossom $24.95 Sandra published this a while ago, and I’ve been a bit slow in getting to this lovely book. She offers nine classic blocks in three different sizes with twelve quilt layouts.  The photography is engaging, the diagrams clear, and the quilts beautiful. Sandra included a coloring page for you to figure out how you want the quilt to look. Cleverness abounds! The blocks are timeless, yet with something of a “modern” feel. One of my favorite photos is a pieced block with the bunny ears left on it, this is one more check for accuracy when piecing with triangles.

I’m off to celebrate National Quilting Day a bit late.

Happy Stitching!


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