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Book Review Day

Easy Precision Piecing A New Approach to Accuracy and Organization for Quilters
Shelley Scott-Tobisch
C&T Publishing $29.95

Every once in a while a book comes along that I think, “quilters need this.” This is one of those books. When reviewing books I often look for that one thing that makes a difference for quilters. I found that on page 48 where there is a glorious purple quilt in the background. Shelley tackles the difference between Precision and Perfection. Quilters, we all need this. We. All. Need. This.

Plum Pudding Made by Carrie Lakatos, quilted by Faith Mcleod Image Courtey C&T Publishing


“I have found the pursuit of perfection in my own work sabotages the flow of creativity. Rather than seeking perfection, I set my sights on achieving a standard of excellence in piecing that meets my own standards, and I find joy in working toward achieving them.” 

If the name Tobisch sounds familiar Shelley’s husband Bernie wrote You and Your Sewing Machine (link to book review) their books releasing at the same time. I imagine their skill sets working together, Bernie keeping her machine in good working order and Shelley making quilt after quilt. Both of them crafting copy  in an order that makes sense, and drawing quilters in showing the way to good quilt making one taking care of our power tools and the other offering a sense of order and developing our skill set.

Every quilter has a way of doing our work, and we’re all looking for that one tip to make our quilts just that much better. Shelley joins the ranks of instructors and authors like Alex Anderson, Donna Lynn Thomas, Sally Collins (link to her episode on The Quilt Show) teaching quilters the techniques that with practice will improve piecing and overall quilting.

Muskrat Hollow Made by Ione MacLennan, quilted by Lauren Tolhurst Image courtesy C&T Publishing

Shelley covers the basics from rotary cutter, mat, and ruler preferences to making fabric selections showing how fabric color/texture can play with you completely changing how it’s viewed in the block. Her pressing tips are very cool indeed, including using a dry iron. The organizational techniques are priceless keeping us organized in a way that we will know where we were if the project has to “mature” for a period of time, like vacations and quilts in a hurry because.

Easy Precision Piecing has the the depth to be a quilting classic.


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  1. Thanks for the review! I’m always looking for ways to improve my piecing. Sounds like this one will be added to my library! Have a great weekend!

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