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Book Review Day: Quirky Little Quilts

Quirky Little Quilts Cover Image

Quirky Little Quilts
Patchwork from the Past, Projects for the Present
Sheryl Johnson Temecula Quilt Company
$25.99; $17.99 e-book

soft cover
80 pages

When reviewing books I always look for that thing that speaks deeply to my quilters soul. With Quirky Little Quilts it’s right there on the cover, quirky! Any book that promotes quilters and quilts being quirky, unique, gets my vote of confidence.

Quirky Little quilts quilt 5

As a lover of orange in quilts Sheryl incorporates some delightful cheddar in Dainty Dishes adding a strong statement of color. Broken Dishes is such a fun easy block made up of half-square triangles so it’s easy to make, the layout then is dynamic and fun with added rectangles.

Quirkly Little Quilts quilt 2

Prairie Patches embraces the humble four-patch in an effective use of color and fabric placement creating a Trip Around the World. The use of the red gives a focal point to the quilt and the blue is a bit of whimsical fun. That blue continues to draw our eyes over the surface of the quilt in a way that gives a sense of what this quilt might look like if it were much bigger.

Quirky Little Quilts quilt 1

Timeworn Triangles is such a fun quilt. If memory serves my mom may have had some similar fabrics to the green and red back in the 1970’s she used to make table covers. Such fun, small scale prints to use in quilts. This brings back great memories.

Sheryl gives ideas for hanging these quilts around our homes, in unusual and fun places. There’s a little something for everyone in here.

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