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Clearing my Head

My sewing room hasn’t been functioning well for a little while. A non-functioning sewing room isn’t a good place for any quilter. We want so much to be in a space that simply doesn’t work. While on a vid call a few weeks ago I showed part of it, stuff I’d been working on and wanted nearby, and in that moment knew something had to change. In just over a week autumn, my favorite season, begins there’s something about this time of year that feels like a fresh beginning. This, for me, is akin to spring cleaning.

The first thing that exited the room an old farm table that is actually a great height for cutting, the length is a bit short and it’s going to serve as a folding table for laundry. Boxes from under the table moved to the top of the new shelving unit. There is something about that floor space, even unused floor space, being cleared that started allowing me to see. Now I can see how to place the tables.

I’m still thinking there’s another table switch that will make this whole thing work in a way that makes more sense. Getting that table apart, and up two flights of stairs will be something of a challenge, might be worth it though. oh heck we know what I’ll be doing.

There are two goals with this tidy up/move around to create a workable space with a cutting station, sewing station, ironing station, and writing station; then to clear my head. Clearing my head is just as important as doing the work of quilting. When our space doesn’t function for us it’s hard to work both physically and mentally. As you know I got some stuff to do. I got some time, but I need to crank out words and quilts. Some of the quilts are for the book, and I’m seeing that new samples of work are needed.

One thing I’ll do is create a master list of projects fun, book and get’rdone.  I got some projects that have lived in my space for far too long. I do remember one thing in all of this:

I love to quilt

There are a lot of ideas started that bring great joy when I hold them in my hand, there are a couple of must-do quilts that have a tinge of sadness.

So the head clearing, room cleaning is doing a whole lot of good. I get to touch fabric (there’s a lot of good stuff there), quilts (there are some cool ideas), and look at the work to do. It’s glorious.

Happy Stitching,


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