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An Interview with Alex Anderson

Often the work we do is a gift, in part for the work, in part for the people we meet along the way. People who set the tone of engaging quilters to explore the work they do, showing us options for that exploring. As a quilter, like all of us, she leads by example in trying new things.

Interviewing her is one of the highlights of my quilting career. Not just because she’s Alex Anderson, a source of inspiration, professionalism and leadership. But because she’s truly gracious, encouraging and supportive.

Below is the interview:

Alex interview 1

alex interview 2

alex interview 3

alex interview 4

Please be sure to follow Alex on all the social media, especially The Quilt Show. 

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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Alex Anderson”

  1. What a terrific interview – thank you for sharing! We met Alex Anderson at a local quilt show and she was gracious and inspiring (showing several of her quilts). She was very encouraging to a non-quilter, with a heartfelt ‘you can do it’ attitude.

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