An Open Letter to my Sewing Machine

IMG_20181029_131912_611Dear Sewing Machine,
It’s important for me to tell you how much I appreciate that you are there, on my sewing table just waiting for me to come and stitch. I love that you have a stitch counter, it’s kind of line seeing the miles rack up on my favorite vehicle. I know that we have miles and mile and miles to go.

Since you’re “new” to me, and still have “low” mileage I want to lodge a small, albeit important bete noire – ya really gotta do the stitching through the multiple layers of quilted Cuddle Suede. Your predecessor did it with no issues whatsoever. I’m seriously thinking of setting you aside so she can tackle the heavy work. The thing is, I know you have it in you to do this work.

We’ll be back at it in a few minutes after I start a load of laundry to take with me to Quilt Market. I am making a few changes this time but seriously. We gotta talk.



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