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Wanted: Bloggers

“Bloggers are welcome.”
Carey Bresenhan, during the opening statement of the Premier Schoolhouse.

She went on to mention a rumor started a few years ago saying that Quilts, Inc didn’t want and wouldn’t welcome bloggers as part of the overall media reporting on Quilt Market and the happenings of the quilting world.

Bloggers are welcome. It’s important enough for Carey to say, and it’s important enough to get out into the world. It is true that Quilts, Inc tightened up the credentialing a few years ago, there were good reasons for this. Quilts, Inc recognizes the value of bloggers who are consistently reporting on the goings on in the industry, giving product reviews, as a start. If you are a blogger who is interested in attending Quilt Market please email them at enrollment@systemas.com or call them at 1-512-407-9185  to get the information what you need to be credentialed either as an Industry Professional, or part of the Media/Press.

I can assure you they want bloggers reporting on Market we offer value, and different perspectives, we add to the reporting that happens from Market and in the quilting world in general. We each have our own audiences that might miss out if, and because, we’re not there. And you never know where being there, showing up and developing relationships might lead.

Bloggers Wanted!

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