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Fabric Monday: Homeward Natalie Barnes Giving in a Beautiful Way


Homeward Bound is a new collection by Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef by Windham Fabrics. Natalie’s beautiful lines have a feeling and aesthetic of home, coming home, being home. Home, that place where we are loved, familiar, and have a deep longing for when we’re away. This new collection is incredible with colors and textures that deepen that longing for home. Natalie is a firm believer that, “we all get there together.”
Each one of these makers has a one time or another been an inspiration…helped me…along the way. So, Natalie asked this group of professionals, Violet Craft, Shayla Wolf, Robin Long, Angela Walters, Karen O’Connor, Latifah Saafir, Jenny Perdigo, Tiffany Hayes, and Amy Ellis. (LINKS will be provided when I can update the post.

Each of the nine designers have created a project and pattern using such different techniques. Just like there are many different ways to define “home”, each one of us as Makers bring our own unique voice to every project we accomplish.

Because of our strong sense of community, again, this year every one of these Makers has agreed to auction their quilt to benefit a charity of their own choosing.

The information for the auction available through @do.good.quilt.auction  Bid, and you can be the recipient of a lovely piece of art and someone else can be the recipient of your gift giving. Because after all, “we all get there together”.

As a quilter who dedicated her early adult life and marriage to serving others this is near and dear to my heart. I really love Windham as a Company and enjoy the designers, like Natalie that they bring through. We each have a sense of home, that place where we experience our deepest sense of who we are. My place is with my Sweetie, wherever we are is home. Please take a moment to check this out and support, if you can, this amazing project.


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