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2019 Word of the Year

Please allow me to congratulate Susan Spiers and Carole the winners of my Half Century give away. I will contact you for addresses shortly.

A Look Back

Connect is an apt Word, and Descriptor for 2018. As I mentioned here it’s a word that will last into 2019 and beyond, for many reasons. I connected with my BERNINA 560. I’m still listening for that moment when the bobbin runs out however I do enjoy her sounds. As quilt makers it’s important to connect with our machines, get to know their quirks, and listen for their needs. I’ve connected with my quilts, we all get how important this is as they are part of who we are, an extension of our heart. 

I’ve connected with people this year. While the first four months of this year pretty much sucked. The effort to connect was well worth it. I went to Spring Market with that in mind, to see where things stood after the magazine shuttered. While the magazine is gone I still have those people connections and that, to me, is priceless. I will always work towards having good relationships with quilters, and quilt industry pros because we are a connected community and this is good. 

I’ve re-connected with the creativity that became bogged down, elusive with stress. Quilters, you all know what I mean. As things happen in our lives the one place we find solace, a deep well to drink from and great joy becomes difficult at best. Right now I’m working on a couple of quilts that are helping to peel back the layers and I’m finding new life. If you’re in a tough moment it will end, and the creativity will return. 

Word of the Year and Fall Market

So while in Houston chatting with a friend I decided that Build, is the 2019 Word of the Year. This is an overall Market impression, we are building. The first morning of Market there was a palpable energy in the air. The conversations were really good, uplifting. So, what did I see? There are some cool fabric lines coming. I’m pulling together requests for images of fabric lines, and will work on some giveaways. I’m really impressed with Northcott’s Tenth Anniversary celebration of Stonehenge as it’s one of my favorite fabric lines. That a line has lasted ten years speaks to something long lasting about the quilting world. Valori Well celebrated twenty years, and forty lines. Benartex has lines and designers that have that kind of length. One of the the themes/trends is a wave of nostalgia from textures and colors from the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties. It is a fascinating experience to see the colors reminding me of my childhood and that were popular when I started quilt making. And before you ask, no I don’t feel old. And it’s okay if I admit that some of this makes me giddy and this time, I can admit that some of these colors are not my faves and will not find their way into my quilts.

When I chose Build I had no idea what 2019 would bring. Heck I had no idea what fifty would bring. I’m waiting for some final details to fall into place then will let you all in on part of what I know 2019 will be about and why Build is appropriate. 

Have a terrific holiday weekend. Stay tuned for fabric lines, a blog hop for Jenny Lyon’s new book and more reviews. 

Happy Stitching!

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